statements of stupidity

a little list of statements i've received over the years that are obviously NOT the way to get on my good side, just fyi...someday i'm sure i'll look back and laugh...well, maybe i will...

~  "i'm glad too see your hair is straight now and not that kinky stuff you've had for years...i hated that"
~  "in case you need it soon, the wide load sign is in the garage"
~  "you remind me of her sister...ya know, the butch one"
~  "so what kind of drugs are you taking to lose weight"
~  "that store has really ugly when they are too big for you, can i have them"
~  "wow, cute kids...are they both to your husband"
~  "oh, you're actually doing work today?  boy, that's out of the ordinary"
~  "is that a picture of aaron rodgers?  oohh, that's your son"
~  "amy being skinny?  i've never saw that yet"
~  "that is a cute hairstyle...but you understand it won't make you LOOK like that girl, right?"
~  "why are you putting splenda in that?  isn't it already sweetened?  that's dumb.  you know, splenda causes cancer.  i can't believe you would put ALL that in there.  what is wrong with you?" 

out for now