weigh days

every saturday is "weigh day" at my house.  the most anticipated, loved + hated day of the week.

last week i woke up and got on the scale to find that since december 23rd i had actually gained 8 lbs.  i took one week off, simply one week, and that is what i gained.  needless to say, i felt pretty yucky angry about it. 

i have learned over the years that focusing on a number is a terribly bad idea.  there was a time when i would weigh myself daily.  bad bad baaaaaad idea!  my daily mood would then hinge on what that number on the scale was.  and soooo many days i would see a bad number then rush to the kitchen to eat out of frustration and disappointment.  but now, if i don't see a change on the scale i just ask myself why and tweak what i did the week before.

so here i am, hard at it again.  although the scale was deffo not my friend last saturday i have a pretty good feeling that this saturday we will make back up.  i refuse to let my self-esteem and worth be determined by a piece of equipment and I will NOT give it that power EVER again!  simple as that.  period. 

out for now