weight loss {january}

and here we are, one month into the weight loss journey for 2012.  is it just me or did this past month fly?

this month i lost 10 pounds.  i am pretty very pleased with that.  i worked out like crazy and really tried to follow WW as close as i could.  i'm proud of it and i own it. i did stumble off the wagon a few times and got right back on. 

this month i taught my exercise classes twice a week, i've added some new things to our workouts to just bump them up a notch and i think we are all loving it.  joey and i did some p90x (aka death) and i bought some new workout videos that i LOVE.  i bought the brazilian butt lift dvd's.  basically i spent this entire month with sore muscles  :)

and i hope next month is filled with more of the same.

out for now

ps...did you ever notice that if there is a picture posted of me it normally involves my sweet pup?  he is normally only one step behind me everywhere i go.