♥16 years ago♥

16 years ago today i had my first date with this crazy, loving man...i had no idea what to think of this {then} long hair and tattooed guy...he was basically the exact opposite of anyone i had dated prior...he was funny like woah {we would laugh for hours at absolutely nothing}, he was a little wild {which made my mama skeptical} but most of all he was so sincerely nice {which i was totally not use to from past relationships}...we went to pizza hut and hung out with friends, i remember it like it was yesterday, from the butterflies in my stomach to laughing non-stop all evening...and from that day on we spent as much time together as we could...and four months later we were married ♥

i love you babe...thanks for taking a chance and sitting in the snow that night =)

out for now

ps...saying our first date was 16 years ago doesn't in any way, shape or form mean i am implying i am old...just sayin'