i ♥ my littles

recently the kids and i went to visit my grandma in the nursing home.  we were there during lunch and sat in the dining room with her.  there were many tables in the room with people scattered around them.  one table in particular caught my attention.  the entire table was empty except for an elderly man and woman, sitting right beside each other on one side.  i thought it was totally cute and figured they were married but grandma told me they were "dating", which made it even cuter.

on the drive home the kids and i were talking about that couple and how cute it is that they are "dating" when they are probably in their 80's or older.  and jade made a statement that not only made me laugh but also made me stop and think that maybe, just maybe, her dad and i ARE showing them what marriage should look like. 

jade said..."when i'm old, i hope my husband still slaps my butt when i walk past him"

now i'm not saying by any means that joe and i are inappropriate BUT we are a very affectionate family.  "i love you" is a daily statement in our household between all of us.  hugs and kisses are never ever spared.  and yes, there might be an occasional butt slap when i walk past.

out for now