meal planning monday {love edition}

monday - chicken and of my own personal FAV winter meals...and i love how easy it is! i use a rotisserie chicken bought from the grocery store and that makes it easy peasy.

tuesday - mexican dorito casserole...but i will "healthy it up" and substitute healthy ingredients where i can...sounds sooooo good!  for dessert the littles and i will be having special (unhealthy) cupcakes i bought for us to celebrate v day  :)

wednesday - (carried over from last week)  black bean cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries...not quite sure how this one will go over yet as i've not made these before BUT hopefully it passes the littles approval

thursday - pizza casserole...i'm thinking the littles will LOVE this!

friday - subway for the littles and's a rush rush night so i need something quick and easy

saturday -  going on an overnight trip with my love for valentines day...i would assume this means out to dinner :)

sunday - cheesy chicken ranch lasagna with garlic knots...pure comfort food

out for now