meal planning monday

monday - subway  :)  quick and easy

tuesday - (carried over from last week)  sloppy joe mac and oldest little thought this recipe sounded amazing, combining his two fav things.

wednesday - saucy portobello pitas and swiss cheese muffins...i know straight away that the oldest will NOT eat this so hotpockets for him...can't wait to try this one

thursday - black bean cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries...not quite sure how this one will go over yet as i've not made these before BUT hopefully it passes the littles approval

friday - linguine with ham and swiss cheese...sounds sooo good, just good comfort food.

saturday - out to dinner with the fam

sunday - (carried over from last week)  steaks on the grill, twice baked potatoes and garlic crescent rolls...screams COMFORT food!

out for now