sundays are my fav ♥

oh sundays...lazy sundays...sundays ARE my fav, especially when i have the next day  (or week) off ♥
after church (my #1 fav thing about sunday) we are going to have an amazingly yummy lunch.  i love, love, love cooking big sunday meals, reminds me of my childhood.  today we are having burgers and hotdogs on the grill and the best baked potato salad ever.  can't wait for all that yummyness.
so super excited to head back to church tonight to see the movie courageous.  if you haven't saw the movie yet, i encourage you to come on over and watch it with us.
and just because a blog post is boring with a pic....
spring is indeed here...and the gorgeousness of God's beauty is all around us :)
out for now