weekend recap {minus pics}

we've had a super amazing weekend...

friday ~
i had friday evening all planned out before i even got home.  snuggling in with my littles, a comfort food filled dinner and movies...we had homemade cheese sticks (which were amazing) and chicken fingers (recipes from this past mondays post).  we settled in and watched "just go with it" (excellent movie!)...

saturday ~
saturday morning/early afternoon was filled with mucho amounts of cleaning.  not so fun BUT much needed.  later in the afternoon we all got showered up to head out to a friends house that we haven't saw for ages.  i had an evening filled with trucks, tractors, pizza and laughter...it doesn't get much better than that.  unless you count riding in the most amazing truck EVER annnnnnd having it broadside.  yeah, this mama loves her a sweet truck.

sunday ~
i actually slept in this morning until nearly 7 a.m., can you even believe that?  then again, it might be because i staid up until 1 a.m., determined to finish my book before i went to sleep.  i do have to admit though, it felt soooo good to slept past 5:30 on a weekend.  once we all got up and around we all got showered up and headed out to my photo shoot at the local spca.  i had an afternoon filled with sweet furry babies and got to take pictures of them.  that is why i LOVE my job!

out for now