hello april {a few days late}

oh april, can you please please please bring extra warm weather with you? i'm so ready for warmth and sun...lots and lots of sun :)

april fools day...always has me feeling a little on edge...but this year, surprisingly, there weren't any tricks played.  i think since it was on a sunday it kinda threw the kids off their game (not that i'm complaining)
i read back over my blog and found this from two years ago...and reading it made me laugh SUPER hard...

this morning jade decided to "trick" her dad by taking all the shampoo and soap out of the shower. guess how happy he was at 5:30 a.m. to have to go search for where she hid it before bed? oh yes, i laid in bed..pretended to be sleeping..laughing to myself..
the crazy busy summer running has already began.  joey started soccer practice a few weeks ago and has already begun football practice as well.  i think this year is going to be crazy busy BUT super fun. 

out for now