happy birthday joey...

happy birthday to my boy...

i can't believe he turns 15 today...seriously?
where has the time gone...
let's celebrate with some random facts about my oldest little...
* he loves God and isn't afraid to let it show  :)
* he makes me laugh, like super-hard-almost-pee-my-pants, on a daily basis (which sometimes causes a bit of trouble for us)
* he absolutely hates bees and may or may not scream like a fool when he sees one
* he LOVES his 4-wheeler...and can spend hours talking about it
* he has some grudge against the clothes hamper, thus letting his laundry on his bedroom floor instead
* he enjoys sleep and goes to bed, without any fight, when he is tired
* he loves every.single.aspect of football...and can't WAIT for the season to start
* he loves to tease his sister until she wants to punch him in the throat, laughing the entire time (she doesn't so much laugh at this)
* he makes me soooo proud to be his mama

out for now