summer list 2012

a list of everything we want to do this summer:

* swim a LOT
* fish...and fish...and fish...and fish...
* 4-wheeler rides
* horseback riding
* go canoeing
* have a picnic in the middle of the woods (without getting a tick please)
* car shows
* go camping
* make homemade pizza
* watch fireworks
* take dogs on a walk
* spend lots of time with family
* visit the farm at camp
* county fair
* buy a camper
* tube down the river
* late night campfires
* read on a blanket at the beach
* get icecream
* time with friends
* have mommy/daddy time...pleeeeease oh pleeeeease
* school clothes shopping (oh joey, already thinking of going back to school)
* spend a few days at the beach + boardwalk
* parades
* movie nights
* walk
* go to erie for the day
* have a girls weekend
* clean out the basement
* make homemade popsicles

out for now