this journey of mine

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13

i'm totally not going to lie, i've been struggling hardcore for a few months. i've always kept it real here so no sense in stopping that now. i had a surgery with some complications and everything fell apart, spinning out of control around me.

since march 7 i've had five surgeries with a few more yet to come.  while i'm not bed-ridden or anything, many days i just feel "yucky".  i have a ureter stent that my body doesn't like, and my body spends most days trying to reject it.  which causes me to feel almost like i have the stomach flu.  i also have kidney pain quite a bit, which isn't a pain i'm a fan of.  with that being said, the past few months haven't been easy.

in staying with my "keeping it real" theme, let me now say that since march 7 i've gained 25 lbs.  it's not something i'm proud of.  and i'm not going to make any excuses, i'm the one that is totally to blame.  while i might not be able to exercise the way i'm use to, i could have made better food choices.  

i've been struggling with this hardcore the past few weeks.  last week i decided it was time to get a handle on this.  last week something clicked...i decided this would NOT defeat me...i actually went for some walks last week and made healthier food choices (yay me).

sunday morning i woke up with the above verse in my head.  i laid in bed and just though about it, analyzing every word.  i CAN do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.  wow, how powerful is that?!  

so, with His help and some determination of my own i will be working hard to get back on track.  and i'm so excited to continue my journey!!

out for now