snow angels

it was a cold winter evening, the air was sharp and cut right through your clothes.  the day before a snowstorm had swept through followed by rain, leaving the snow capped with a thick crust of ice.  a crust of ice that was nearly impossible to walk on.

a huge challenge laid ahead, how to get these babies to the car without me falling down with them in my arms.  you might laugh and ask what kind of a challenge that is.  well, for this ungraceful mama, it's quite a tall mountain to climb.  so with some genious insite (or so i thought at the time) i put the kids (then ages 1 and 3) in a sled and decided pulling them to the car was brillient. 

i sat joey in the back of the sled and jade in front of him, instructing him to hold on to her around her waist.  and with that we started on our journey, both kids giggling and enjoying their ride to the car.  half way there, YES, giving myself a little high-five inside my head.

now we were at the tricky spot, the little hill leading to the driveway.  this hill was so tiny that one big step and you were either up it or down it.  but the crust of ice on it made it very tricky and i knew my feet could go out from under me.  i instructed my husband to stand infront of me.  i was going to let go of the sled and he would grab it, no big deal.  that would leave me free to slowly go down the hill and if i fell, at least i wouldn't be pulling the kids behind me.

so we sat up the big switch-er-roo, i stood on the hill with my husband in front of me.  literally five feet or less from me.  i let go of the sled.  i watched it go down the tiny hill and remember thinking how strange it was that they were picking up speed so quickly.  my husband reached down to catch the sled and missed.  when his hand bumped the sled, it pointed it in a different direction.  the sled with my two precious babies was now headed directly for the busy road in front of my house.

in that instant, my heart sank.  i looked to the bottom of the road and my worst fear came to life, a big 18 wheeler rounded the turn.  as i'm watching my babies head directly for the road, i'm watching an 18 wheeler come closer and closer to my precious cargo.  no matter how loud i screamed, it didn't slow down their sled.  my husband was trying to run to them but kept falling on the ice.  i watched the sled leave the yard, go onto the road and go directly into the path of that truck.  somehow, by the grace of God, he saw them at the last possible second.  that amazing driver swerved into the other lane and missed them.  as soon as he was past them, i was there.  i threw my body over them just as another triaxle rounded the turn.  i staid right there overtop of them, praying and protecting them like a mama hen with her chicks under her wings.  thankfully that driver also saw us and swerved into the other lane.

can you say close call, wow.  we took the kids inside to check them over and make sure they were okay.  and to let mom and dad breathe.  i remember how my legs felt just like jello, hardly even holding me up.  amazingly, neither kid had even a scratch on them! 

fast forward about a year...this is a conversation i had with joey when he was around age 4...

joey:  mama, remember the night jade and i were in the sled and went on the road
me:  yes joey, i remember (how could i ever forget!!)
joey:  were you in the sled with us?
me:  no joey, i wasn't
joey:  was daddy in the sled with us?
me:  nope, he wasn't either.  it was just you and jadie
joey:  then who was sitting behind me in the sled with their arms around me?  they were holding us in the sled.
me:  (trying to talk through a cracked voice as tears rush my face) i'm not sure joey, but i would say an angel

even now, 12 years later, thinking of that evening coupled with that conversation with joey still brings tears to my eyes.  this mama is still so thankful for snow angels!!

out for now