since my journey on this crazy road of sickness started nearly a year ago, it's been one storm after another.  it's been filled with 9 surgeries, tons of dr visits and lots of not feeling well at all.  mostly it has been filled to the brim with questions and a lot of the unknown.  it has truly been a year of ups and downs with no end in site yet. 

i've learned many lessons over the past year, some the hard way.  it's better to fill your hospital stay with laughter instead of stress.  it's better to smile through the pain instead of cry.  nurses really appreciate please and thank you.  a good attitude can make or break your day.  count your blessings rather than your troubles.  give God your worries, concerns and burdens and rely fully on Him.  and mostly be thankful that even though God didn't calm the storm, He calmed His child  

out for now