yes Lord, i'm listening...

on wednesday afternoon i turned on the radio as i was cooking dinner and cleaning the kitchen.  in the cutler household there is ALWAYS music playing.  i tuned in to family life network, one of my fav stations.  right when i turned it on, james macdonald was starting a sermon on the five features of foolishness.  i listened along as i cleaned, but to be honest, i was slightly wishing music was on.

the first thing that kinda caught my attention was him saying "it's not foolish to fall, it is foolish to fall the same way over and over and over and over".  so, the fool is the person who never learns.  boy, how many of us fall into that category?  i know on occasion this girl right here.  then he said fools have quick fists and are quick to fight. the Pastor asked "do you have a quickness to quirl and fight?"...oh boy, do i have to answer that?

when he got to the third feature of foolishness, loose lips, i just said "okay Lord, i'm listening".  i know without a shadow of a doubt that this is certainly something i struggle with, just ask my family :)  so many times my mama told me "amy beth, keep your big mouth shut".  even now, at 37, i'm still learning how to do this.  and obviously this is something He thinks i need to work on.  i am so very far from being like Christ and know that i sure do need His wisdom in my life daily.  and obviously even though i wanted to listen to music, He had different plans for me that afternoon  :)

out for now