20 tiny ways to bless your hubby

every day is a perfect day to show your husband a little extra love and remind him (and maybe you) of how thankful you are for him.  so many times we just get caught up in life and forget things like this are super important.  you can communicate your love in so many ways other than speech and i just bet he would be super excited that you did.  this list has 20 ideas, add 10 of your own to it and challenge yourself to bless him in one way every day  for a month.

*  pray for him
*  meet him at the door with a kiss and a smile
*  an encouraging word
*  make his favorite meal
*  let him know that you respect and admire his leadership
*  take interest in his hobbies
*  send him a little love text or email for his eyes only
*  thank him for everything
*  write an encouraging verse and put it on his steering wheel
*  wear an outfit you know he likes
*  get him his fav treat while your out shopping
*  speak highly and lovingly about him to other people
*  give him a backrub
*  hold his hand
*  hide a love note somewhere he'll find it
*  plan a date night
*  listen to him when he is stressed
*  do his chores for him
*  laugh and have fun with him
*  bite your lip and don't nag or complain

out for now