and she closed the book

she sat on the floor, crossed her legs and pulled the book off the shelf
she blew off the dust and cracked it open
thumbing through the pages that haven't saw the light of day for years
while looking through the book, it came to her
and hit her like a ton of bricks
where had the time gone
it seemed like only yesterday, but yet, so much has changed
and she worried, had she fully appreciated every day
was she present in the moment
did she take the time to enjoy the music and the voices that circled
did she savor every crack of laughter
soaking everything in
and appreciating His blessings
she wondered, how many more times will there be like that
maybe only twenty more
or if it's in His plan, maybe another twenty after that
but in reality, it might only be a handful
times of laughter and sparkling eyes
of the lighting exactly as it is now
times of embraces at the door, dinners at the table and ice cream next door
we never know what tomorrow will bring
recent events have proved that loudly
then it came to her
and sat before her like an unwrapped gift -
the blessings circled happily around her
she had so much to be thankful for
embrace every second that He graces her with
even if those seconds only add up to a handful
with that lesson learned, she wiped away a tear
and she closed the book

out for now