christmas kindness

this year as we began the holiday season, i really felt strongly about teaching my children (and myself) to have a servants heart.  so this year the kids and i are going to make the christmas season about loving others and in the process, sharing God's love for others, by performing one random act of christmas kindness each day of advent.

i proposed this idea to joe and the littles a few weeks back and they all loved it.  so we've spent weeks planning just what act of kindness we want to do each day.  and we are all sooooooo excited to get started!!    i don't really want to make this activity about "blogging it" but more about being present in the moment.  so i won't really share much here about it, except maybe once december is over.  and maybe catch some pics of it here and there.

i am so excited for us to selflessly bless others this holiday season.  and i have a sneaking suspicion that we will be more than blessed ourselves along this journey.  as our card says that we'll be handing's far better to give than to receive.

out for now