Christ's love during the storm

when i first heard the news about the horrific school shooting in connecticut, i was walking around target with my mom and a great friend.  at that point the details were still sketchy and we hadn't heard much about it.  it wasn't until we got home and i turned on the news that i found out the severity of it.  so many innocent lives were lost yesterday for such a senseless, unknown reason.  yesterday, all our problems were quickly put into perspective.  

i know at some point yesterday we all had the same emotions whirling around us; shock, terror, sadness and helplessness.  last night we all held our loved ones a little tighter, said a few more "i love you's" than normal and counted our blessings.     

in the midst of our sorrow, grief and during any storm we may face we need to claim His promises.  His promises might not always match our desire, but rest assured His plan is perfect.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  i find such comfort in that.  His word is truth, i believe that with every breath i take.  i will choose every day to praise you Lord, even through the storms.

so i ask you today, in the midst of your sorrow and grief, to get on your knees and pray.  pray for all that were involved.  for the families that are left grieving and asking why.  for the sweet little babies that survived but will forever relive that day, hear those shots and feel that fear.  for the shooter who was held captive to the forces of darkness in his actions.  pray that everyone involved would draw near to God and let Him comfort them and surround them as only He can.  

love is Christ's weapon against sin, death, and darkness ~ c.s. lewis

out for now