life lessons {part 2}

this is my dear, sweet grandma freeman.  my grandma was an amazing woman who made this world a better place just by her presence here.   she had a way with words that would sure make us laugh.  there are quotes of hers that will be repeated in our family for years to come.

when i was little, going to my grandma and grandpap freemans house was such a big deal.  they lived in "town", which was so different from where i lived.  they got more than 2 channels on their tv, they had neighbors that they weren't related to and they lived so close to stores and restaurants.  i would get so excited when i knew we were going to their house to visit, it was such a treat!  in the summers i would spend a few days a week there, which was so exciting.  grandma would always let me watch whatever i wanted on tv (nickelodeon, i love lucy and romper room were among my favs) and we would always walk to the playground near her house (it never failed, i would have to pee as soon as we got there and we would have to walk back home).  

grandma always had a heart for travel, which i admired.  she traveled all over the united states.  i can still remember looking at her photo albums and getting lost in the pictures.  i would ask her a million questions about them, which i'm sure got on her nerves but she never once complained or hushed me.  she would just answer them, over and over.  i traveled all over through her stories and pictures.

so many life lessons i learned from my grandma.  love God, love your family and love those sweet babies (my kids).  she taught me the value of hard work.  in any task she did, she put her full 100% into it.  it's not worth doing if you're not going to do it right.  and of course, pee before you go to the playground.

as grandma grew older, i learned the most important lesson not only from her but also from my mom.  i learned what it truly meant to love and honor someone.  to not only respect them but to put them first before yourself.  honor them with your thoughts, your actions and your words.  honoring is not always easy, is not always fun, and is certainly not possible in our own strength.  but honoring our parents is certainly glorifying God.  the relationship between my grandma and my mother was an amazing, sweet relationship that was truly filled to the brim {and overflowing} with honor.  and it gave me such a great example to model my own relationship with my parents after.  i can only imagine how many other relationships were touched just by watching the amazing example these two women set.  "Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord" ~Colossians 3:20  

i am blessed to have had this sweet woman in my life as long as i did and that she got to be such a big part of my children's lives.  i am so thankful that i got to spend endless amounts of time with her.  and how comforting to know we will all be together again some day in glory!!!  she is gone, but the love is still here.  it lives in each of us that were touched by her life.  

out for now