making changes

oh new years, the time when we all decide what resolutions we want to make in the upcoming year.  so many times i've vowed to make a change with every intention of sticking it out. and then, two or three weeks later, i would throw the towel in.  giving up is something i am sooooo good at.  i would consider myself a bit of a pro actually.

it's up to YOU to make your resolutions work and there is no reason at all that they shouldn't.  you can do anything you set your mind to, anything at all.  if you have an area that you keep stumbling in, ask yourself the reason that you're making this change.  it has to be because YOU want to make the change.   if you are doing it because you feel you have to or you feel as if someone else wants you to, chances are you won't stick to the plan.  that's exactly why i failed at quitting smoking the first billion times i tried.  also, keep your resolutions realistic.  expecting a 50 lb weight loss in one month is not very doable.  

if you've decided that this is truly a change you want to make and one that is pleasing to God, the next step is spending some time on your knees praying about it.   remember, with God by your side ALL things are possible.

out for now