penndot poem

this basically sums up our lives during the winter...and it makes some REALLY good points...soooooooooo MANY people don't respect the job these guys do during the winter...

It’s Christmas Eve and the snow has begun,
It’s time for family, food, and fun.
But on this day, there is for some
Work that still needs to be done.

He dawns his long johns, boots, and coat
And kisses his family goodbye;
There’ll be no food or fun for him
On this lonely, snowy night.

His food is left on the table,
And he packs a lunch on-the-go;
He climbs up in the lonely cab
For a long night of plowing snow.

He could stay home, but duty calls
And he’s off to do his all
To keep the roadways free of snow
And safe for one and all.

Out on the road, he gets no respect,
Yet, still he doesn’t rest.
He’s dedicated to his job
And always does his very best.

Through ice and snow, he works all night
Then goes home to get rested and warm.
And the very next day, he’s called back out
To fight the oncoming storm.

So, next time you’re cozy and snug,
Looking out at the falling snow;
Say a little prayer, if you can,
For the PennDOT snow plow man.

~ written by barb derose