precious memories

i've always thought i had the most amazing childhood ever.  i spent my days surrounded by a loving, close-knit family.  at every get together we would wrap ourselves in blankets of laughter, love and comfort.  i had a gaggle of cousins that felt more like siblings.  and i  loved every. single. second. of it.  there are a few childhood memories that i cherish and hold close to my heart ♥ every time i think back and relive those memories in my mind, i can feel the water works starting.

i can remember going for walks with my grandpa strong.  we would walk out the road past our farm (where i still go on walks as often as i can).  one time i saw these beautiful wild roses that smelled sooooo sweet.  i told my grandpa how much i loved them and he took out his pocket knife and got me one.  when he handed it to me, i noticed his hand was bleeding.  he had pricked it on a thorn.  he never even uttered a word, just wrapped his handkerchief around his hand.  i wish i could go back to that day and tell him just how much that meant to me.  that single moment completely encompassed my grandpa and how selflessly he loved.    

so many summer days were spent on my aunt graces farm.  i would help (or try to help) milk the goats, i never did master that task.  i always loved helping her feed the animals, seeing how many kittens i could find in the barn and steering clear of the geese (they always scared me to death).  some of my weirdest but best food combinations were learned from her.  for breakfast we would have graham crackers spread with peanut butter then dipping them in hot tea and lunch would be ham sandwiches with ketchup and bbq chips on it.  i still eat both of those to this day and have passed the graham cracker + tea bit onto my littles.

i was blessed to celebrate every christmas eve at the home of my aunt and uncle.  this was always a highly anticipated evening.  i was equally as excited to see all my cousins as i was to eat that delicious food.  you might enter that house hungry but guaranteed you wouldn't leave that way.  so many different foods i will forever associate with this night.  the excitement that would build in the air after dinner was finished, up next on the list was present opening.  everyone would gather in the living room and patiently wait until their name was called, going forward to retrieve their gift.  trying so hard to not look anxious and too quick to open it.  i miss those days so very much.  christmas eve hasn't felt the same since.          

every bridal shower, wedding, baby shower and birthday party that was shared throughout the family.   can not even tell you how many laughs were shared over a slice of birthday cake accompanied by a scoop of ice cream.  

all equally amazing memories and so many moments i wish i could go back in time and freeze.  i've filed these moments away and know that in the future, at any time i want, i can pull one back out and it will bring me great comfort and joy.

throughout the years we've lost some family members, some because they are in Glory and some because they've simply chose to leave our family.  regardless of whether they are still here or not, the memories will always remain.

Like branches on a tree, we may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.  Each of our lives will always be a special part of one another.  ~unknown

out for now