cherishing your vows challenge {coming in february}

for quite a while now, i've felt God nudging my heart just a bit.  when i would do my daily devotions, i just kept being led in the same direction.  i really felt as if He as calling me to do a series on marriage.  and the thought of that scared me to absolute death.  how could i ever write a marriage series?  wow, that is sure quite a daunting task.  but i figure if it's something He wants me to do then i'm sure He'll help me write it.  and with that said, here goes nothin'.....

february holds one of my fav days, valentines day. 

what better way to celebrate the month of love than cherishing our vows!!!

do you feel like your marriage could use a little spruce up? do you feel like you spend more time irritated at your husband than you do loving on him? do you feel like you truly spend your days honoring your husband? do you guard your heart every single day? do you feel like your relationship could use a little rekindling? maybe your bedroom time could use a little jazzing up? oh yeah, we're going there! 

sometimes we need a little boost and renewal..and having friends along for the journey is just tons more fun!  this series is called "cherishing your vows". i will make a post every saturday in february.  each week will have a devotional and a challenge for you to do in your home. here is the challenge and topic schedule for the month:

 i hope you'll stop back on february 2 for the first post! link up and do the challenge along with me.
out for now