Lord, i'm trying...

so, i'm trying as hard as i can.  trying to be that proverbs 31 woman.  you know, the one that seems to have it all together.  she blesses her husband, manages her home, plants vineyards, weaves cloth, helps the poor, travels to the ends of the earth for good food and apparently never sleeps. she also is dignified, optimistic about the future, always wise, and amazingly kind.  i mean, it's not like she was busy or anything.   

in the meantime, here i am just muddling through.  trying to balance running kids, laundry, housework, meal prep, doctor appointments and family time.  she seem to just glide gracefully through her million things while i have a hard time juggling my few. 

i want everything to be perfect.  perfectly perfect.  i want to have the perfect balance, perfect marriage, be a perfect parent and run a perfect household.  i want to be the proverbs 31 woman.  i want to do it all and be it all.

i think it's important for me to not focus so much on being perfect and focus more on being all that God wants me to be.  at this point in my life i think God is really telling me to be a submissive wife, a compassionate mother and an ever caring friend.  that is what i need to focus on.  God's grace is sufficient for all He wants me to accomplish.  

by being like the woman in Proverbs 31, we can be a great witness to those around us and we can share Jesus.  i want the people around me to see Jesus in me, not myself.

out for now