the question that shocked me

last week i emailed a gal that i've had a few issues with in the past.  i figured it was a new year and God has been doing lots of work in this grudge-holding girls heart.  so i dropped her a nice little line just to let her know bygones are bygones and there are no grudges being held here.  the response i got back was certainly not what i had imagined.  it was filled to the top and overflowing with venom and anger.  my niceness had obviously fallen on deaf ears, which really made me sad.  but the most shocking part was what she closed the email with.  it left me sitting here, mouth gaping open, in absolute shock.  she actually questioned my Christianity.  actually, the exact statement was "and you call yourself a Christian".

i was so absolutely offended that anyone would even question my Christianity or motives.  i was so upset by those 6 words, boy did they sting.  my first response was, of course, anger.  that's what i'm best at (hence my verse of the year James 1:19).  i may or may not have had a knee-jerk reaction and started a response to her email that started with "how dare you question my Christianity".  but then i stopped, took a deep breath, and deleted the response.

God knows my heart and He knows exactly what my relationship with Him is like.  and really, that's all that matters.  i could take time to write her a long, drawn-out email that would do absolutely no good.  i am also fairly sure God would not want me to lower myself to their level with hitting below-the-belt comments.  so i'm going to let it  lie where it is.

i know it was said out of anger, and i take that at face value.  it was said for shock value and to achieve exactly what it did.  it was directly meant as an insult.  so how should i handle it?  rise above it and take the high road.  and know that God is doing great things in this angry girls heart 

out for now