to text or not to text

there is another subject that God has really been laying on this girls heart lately. again, it's a subject that is a bit risky to touch on and that might cause controversy. but, as the last subject, God keeps nudging me.

again, i'm not here to judge. i'm far from perfect myself and sure need lots of reminding from the Lord as to how my walk should be going. but thankfully His grace is new every morning :) i just hope to maybe give a little honesty and hopefully open your heart to God's direction.

with that said, on to the issue...

i have one question...if it's rude to text when someone is talking to you, why isn't it rude to text when God is talking to you?

it's not an issue of pleasing God by your posture, clothing or attention span. its not even an issue of the context of your text. it's an issue of reverence.

basically, it's rude and so very disrespectful. not only to everyone around you, to the Pastor but it's also rude to God. what are you communicating when you send a text message during church? really, you're saying that there is something you need to tell someone and that it is more important that what God is trying to tell you.

can you imagine if abraham lincoln was standing in front of you, and he was telling you how he wrote the gettysburg address...would you say "hey abe, hold on just sec till i send this text"? no? they why would you ever do it to God?

here is the big issue i have with it. i have teenagers, two of them. at this point their lives basically revolve around social media, texting and staying constantly connecting to their friends. but one thing i've always stressed, cell phones do not go to church with you. and if you do happen to take it with you, it certainly never ever gets turned on during church. this is one rule in my household that i refuse to bend on. so what type of example are you setting to not only my children, but all of the other children around you while you are texting during the sermon? not to mention how distracting it is for others around you.

before i started writing this post, i did some research around the internet about it.  i found articles on how to hide your texting during church, tweeting during the sermon, the benefits of texting during church and that some churches even encourage it.  i was shocked and saddened that we can't seem to tear ourselves away from social media and technology long enough to give God fully, and without interruption, an hour of our week.

from the time  you enter the doors at church, God is present for you.  He is pointing you, guiding you, and getting you ready for Him and His word.  all i ask is when you walk through those doors, you turn your phone off and give God the opportunity to talk to your entire heart.  give Him that time fully and don't make Him feel like He needs to compete for your attention.

out for now