verse of the year

normally every year i pick a word to be my "one little word" for the year.  this year i've decided to do things a little differently and pick a verse for the year.

so as i was thinking of what verse i would pick, i thought to what had been a recurring theme in my life lately.    after prayer and lots of thinking, i've determined that this verse is going to be mine for the year.  i've claimed it as my theme for the next 365 days.  i'm going to post it where i can see it daily, maybe in a few different places, and meditate on it often.  this verse is between God and i.  it's something that i've really felt He has been trying to work on in my heart lately.

i want to share my verse with you.  it's James 1:19, "My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry".  God has been working on this angry, sassy mouthed girl lately.  this verse couldn't be any clearer of what He expects of me and my reaction to situations, people or even my husband.  this verse can be applied to basically every aspect of my life.

as we head into the new year, would you want to join me and prayerfully consider claiming a verse for the year.  i'm sure God has a special one just for you.  write the verse down, pray about it, journal about it and open your heart for whatever lessons God has in store for you.

out for now