weight loss {january}

and here we are, one month into the weight loss journey for 2013.  is it just me or did this past month fly?

so, since this is our first weight loss post, i should probably give some back story.  i've been watching what i ate since august.  from august till the end of december i lost a total of 21 pounds.  so i guess with that i was a bit ahead of the game.  can you believe i even watched during the holidays?  this is the first. time. ever. i've not gained anything over the holiday season.  i know, right, it's crazy talk.

as a family, we've also added diatomaceous earth to our daily diet.  i'm not sure if it helps with weight loss or not.  i can tell you we've enjoyed all the other benefits from it.  i've even been giving it to my furry babies every day as well.

as a family, we've also cut out all soda drinking (and replaced it with diet green tea).  and we've cut out all junk food.  strangest thing now, if junk food does come into the house it normally is in the cupboard until one of us throws it out.  is that crazy talk or what.

and with that, we are on to the exciting part...

this month i lost 0 pounds.  yep, nothing.  nada.  zero.  zilch.  i am not super pleased with that.  but, i will own it.    

at this point i'm not exactly sure what else i can do.  i think my kidney is having some sorts of an issue because every day i wake up swollen.  and i know it's not from high sodium.  i guess i should say i know my kidney is having an issue, hence next months surgery.  dumb kidney.  but i will just keep on keeping on and deffo not give up  :)  i know once my health is straightened around things will work better weight wise.

out for now

ps... since november jade has lost 17 and joe has lost nearly 30...so super proud of them!!!!!