when friends abandon

let's face it, it happens.  we don't want it to ever happen to us but it does.  and when it does, it sure does hurt.  most times, it blindsides you.  

we've all heard the saying "when times are hard you find out who your true friends are".  it sure rings true, doesn't it.  i was completely blindsided this past year by a friend who i truly considered a sister just walking out of my life.  not only out of my life, but out of my daughters life as well.  this hurt more than she will ever understand.  but her actions showed me she could really care less about who she hurts.   

i've taken this situation and used it as a learning experience.  actions speak so much louder than words.  for a long time this friendship was one sided.  i pushed that to the side and ignored it.  i was too busy surrounding myself in the sisterhood bond.  i poured my heart into the friendship and never questioned her motives.  now i realize true friendship is not one sided.  so many people are looking for friends who will help them, meet their needs, be a friend to them, help them financially, listen to their problems, be sympathetic and love them.  they are seeking a selfish friendship, they want to receive friendship but aren't willing give any in return.       

i hate to say i've paid a price but, in all fairness, i have.   i've trusted that the friend and i were on the same level. that we both felt the exact same way about our friendship. and then the bombshell hits, they never were a true friend. faithfulness and loyalty are key to true friendship. without them, we feel betrayed, left out, and lonely. in true friendship there is no turning away.  God designed us for lasting relationships, he wants us to have friends here on earth!

we might be Christians but that doesn't mean we are bulletproof.  it certainly doesn't mean our feelings can't be hurt.  the wounds will eventually heal but the scars will remain forever.

what should we do when our friends abandon us?  pray for them.  let's be honest, prayer is the last thing on our minds right then.  we are so blinded by the hurt and so angry.  when actually it should be the first thing in our hearts.

Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.
Prov 27:6

out for now