dealing with difficult people

sometimes people come into your life and, just having them there, makes your life more difficult. maybe they are judgmental, drama filled, critical, needy, demand more than you can give or maybe they are just plain mean.  how do we deal with those people as Christians?

drama wears me out honestly.  and i have very little desire for it in my life.  and once it happens, if you're like me, you pray for them to change.  for God to show them what they are doing wrong.  and that He'll lay it on their heart to change.

but...what if this is about you?

what if this difficult person was placed directly in your life for a reason?  God might be allowing the difficulties in the relationship to work in your life.  when rocks are tumbled, they become smooth and beautiful.  people are the same way, when someone rubs them the right way, over time they change.

so in the midst of that difficult situation with that oh-so-difficult person, ask yourself what God wants YOU to learn from it.  doesn't that make your view of the situation different?  i think the first thing we must do when faced with a difficult person, is hit our knees and Pray for God to reveal what He wants US to know, how He wants US to handle it and ask for His grace to shine through us.

out for now