i am {still} the same me

yes, this is me...

this does not make me less of a Christian
does not mean i love God any less
does not mean i'm a "bad person"
does not mean i'm not thankful for my blessings
does not mean i'm a scary person
does not mean it was done out of spite
does not mean i've been magically transformed into a different person

this was simply done because of a few reasons...

i love God
i love my husband
i think Song of Solomon is beautiful
and i love self expression

plain and simple, that's it...

if you feel the need to judge me because of it, i'm so sorry...
i don't judge you for what food you eat, or what car you drive
and i hope for the same respect in return
we weren't put here to judge each other
we are to, as Christians (even tattooed Christians) lift each other up
regardless of the situation

i am me, and this is who i am
i am a beautiful daughter of the king
who has a tattoo
i am thankful for every single thing i have in my life
every single day i live and love is a complete joy
i love and accept myself completely and unconditionally
i am super excited about my path and where the Lord is taking me

out for now