a love letter ♥

dear amazing, loving man...

little did i know that first night i met you that you were the one i had been praying for since i was a little girl.  so many nights i spent on my knees, praying.  over the years the prayer changed from asking for prince charming to asking for a man that would simply treat me well.  all those years God knew you were the man for me, my future husband, and was busy preparing your heart for mine.

there are no words to describe how thankful I am that God brought us together.  we were two imperfect sinners that God saw something in.  others around us didn't understand it, but it didn't matter.  God knew exactly what He was doing and His plan was perfect.    

at that point in my life i needed to feel worthy, loved and protected.  you rescued me from all the past pain, struggles and hurt.  you showed me i didn't need to be weary, always questioning, afraid and on alert.  in your arms i felt safe and protected.  you showed me that God did answer that little girls prayer for a prince charming.

you knew you were getting a broken girl, yet you grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye and stepped forward with me.  with you by my side, everything else seemed to melt away.  you put up with so much in those first days; tears that came from nowhere, fear that wasn't understood and anger that was unfounded.  yet by my side you stood.

and your voice, oh that voice, i'm not sure you ever truly understood how much it meant to me.  when you sang to me, i believed every single word.  your voice mended my broken heart.  it sewed the pieces back together.  your voice lifted me up, making me feel as if i was the only beautiful girl in the entire world.  you didn't just sing to me with your voice, you sang to me with your heart.

thank you for seeing something in me that i didn't even see in myself.  it wasn't until i was encompassed by your love that i could open my eyes and see the beautiful, worthy girl.  i'm so sorry that 17 years later you still have to remind me to open my eyes and see her.  

i wish you could see yourself through my eyes.  such an amazing man i've been blessed with.  you wonderfully lead our home.  you are so patient with me (which is no easy task, sir).  you bear with me, gently correcting me.  i absolutely admit, i'm not always joyful.  yet here you are, still by my side.

a million thank yous.

i love you so very much, mr. cutler.