even mamas have meltdowns

the carpet of the living room rose up to meet me as i went down hard on my knees. tears of anger and frustration running down my face. two dogs and two cats sat around me, watching the show.

i couldn't do it anymore.  period.

for two solid days i have been cleaning up after dogs, kids and cats.  i had a dog who had been throwing up for days, always on my carpet.  a cat that feels the need to hack up hairballs at really annoying places.  add that on top of mud tracked in, crumbs on my counter, enough fur to make another animal, dishes, laundry, sassy kids, doctor appointments and school meetings.  

i had been short with my husband and kids the evening before, i know i had.  i wasn't proud of my behavior, but i felt powerless to change it.  the demands of tending to this house had totally undone me.  

as i was thinking today of my horribly-ugly-cleaning-up-dog-puke meltdown, i came to a realization.  throughout our lives, we've all faced struggles at times.  we've all had seasons of storms when it seems you can't even see the shore.  whether it be dog puke or a broken down car, we all know what struggling feels like.  and it's not a good feeling.  what makes the struggles a little easier to bear, is knowing we have someone to lean on.  it's so comforting to know that during those times, we are never truly alone.   

we can take our problems to Him through prayer and have Him grace us with strength, wisdom, patience and compassion.  we need to allow our struggles to remind us to lean on Him when we are weak and tired and need to be nurtured.  He will meet you right where you are during your ugly-mama-meltdown, and gently lead you through it with His grace.  

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.
Psalm 46:10

out for now