grandpa's camera

he never went anywhere without his camera
it could be found hanging around his neck
he would instruct people where to stand
then click the shutter with a twinkle in his eye
his love of photography was evident to everyone around him
it was his passion, one that i understand
his camera is my most priceless piece of equipment
the pictures that he took are a prize possession
when i look at them, i see him
they sing a familiar song to my heart
i see the world as he saw it
his love for nature and farm life
the majestic beauty of Gods creations
i can't help but wonder, have i inherited his passion
is that possible
i wish we had discussed photography more
i wish i could have soaked in all his knowledge
i wish we could have walked the farm, shooting together
but instead, i will take out the envelope filled with your photographs
lay them all out in front of me
and once again, see the world as you saw it

out for now