hope for the hopeless marriage

this morning i woke up with a song in my heart and my head.  it's one from my childhood and one that i just super love.  i love when God puts a song in my heart before i even wake up and i always pay special attention to those ones.  this mornings song was He's able.  i know, it's a great one, right?  as i was doing my morning devotion, i just kept singing and humming this song.  as i was really focusing on the words, today's blog post became apparent.   

He’s able, He’s able, I know He’s able;
I know my Lord is able to carry me through.

He healed the broken-hearted
and set the captive free;
He made the lame to walk again
and caused the blind to see.

there was a day not too many years ago when i would have told you my marriage was hopeless.  joe had left and we were separated for a few months.  suddenly i felt so alone, with two kids to tend to daily, a house to take care of and working full time, i was stressed beyond stressed. some days i felt so low, not even quite sure how i was functioning.

at first, i spent time being angry. and i sure felt justified in that anger. i wanted God to heal my marriage now. i prayed every day, spent time reading my Bible and felt i was entitled to a miracle that didn't seem to be coming my way. anger, hopelessness and fantasies of divorce consumed my days. i was angry. so angry.

there was one certain night when i was really down, almost at my breaking point. i went up on a hill in the middle of the woods, the sky was covered with stars and i could see for miles around. i popped in a cd of hymns, sang along, cried my eyes out and talked to God for hours on end. when i left the hill that night i had something new, HOPE!  hope in the Lord restoring my marriage in HIS time.

hope is so important, and realizing that was a pivotal turning point in my life and essentially my marriage.  hope motivates us to make positive choices in life and marriage and to get our relationship with Christ right.  the Lord knew i had a few "life lessons" to learn along the way, like patience and perseverance.  having hope gave me the desire to search MY heart and have Him reveal the parts of my heart that broke His heart.

He can see into the deepest depths of your heart and He knows exactly what it will take to restore Hope into your heart, into your life and into your marriage.  He doesn't wait for us to "clean up our act".  He meets us where we are and loves us just as we are, sinners.  He showers us with his amazing grace.  we have a God who knows how we feel, and really cares. He knows our doubts and hopelessness. He can help when we're willing to bring those things to him. nothing is impossible for God!

your past might have shaped you but it doesn't have to define you and hold you captive.  don't allow who you were to keep your marriage from being what it is meant to be.  

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure
Hebrews 6:19

Dear Heavenly Father,
i come to you today to pray for the hopeless, the hurting, the broken, the overwhelmed, the insecure, the sad, the fearful and the angry.  i pray for the spouses who can’t find the strength to pick their head up.  i pray that you reveal in their hearts what they need cleansed of Lord.  so many of us hold onto bitterness, discontentment, selfishness, and revenge.  Lord, i pray you will fill the husbands and wives up and overflowing with the ability to love, to forgive, to be joyful and to understand.  i pray you will wrap your loving arms around them, as only you can, and protect them against the threats of the enemy.  i ask for hope, perseverance, patience, love, restoration and healing.  Lord, the world is so hard on marriages but i pray you will prevail.  in your precious Heavenly name i pray...amen!

out for now