i'm no cosmo girl {anymore}

as i stood in the checkout line, i was glancing at the magazines as i always do.  i kinda love reading all the celebrity gossip {don't judge}.  i glanced to my right and noticed the new comopolitan on the shelf.  i was blown away.  on the cover was miley cyrus, on one of the most offensive covers i've ever saw.

on the front cover, miley is starting to open her jacket front and center for all to see her breasts. all her cleavage and parts of her breasts are showing. and beside the picture it says "it's miley, b*tches".  instantly i was embarrassed to have young boys in line with me.

not so many years ago, miley was the star of the disney show hanah montana. and here she is, baring her breasts for all to see. how many girls will stand in that walmart line, see the magazine and ask their mom to buy it because it has hanah montana on it? how many girls will think "if hanah montana dresses that way, then i can to". this magazine is gloating in the loss of sexual innocence and in the sexualization of a child actor and singer whose target audience centered on little kids.

also on the cover is an article titled "your best sex ever".  sex has been around since adam and eve. but somehow, month after month, cosmo seems to think they've come up with new and exciting things. drawing people in with their smut and filth. what women don't realize is there is only one true way to have "your best sex ever". save yourself for your husband and revel in what God designed sex for. cosmo dedicates itself to encourage women to have sex with as many men as possible and portrays that as glamorous.

as we stand in these lines, normally our husbands are beside us. men are visual creatures by nature and can't help noticing females physical appearance. most of these photos have been airbrushed, making them extremely appealing and enticing. they feed into men's passions.  it's no wonder that 45% of Christians admit that pornography is a major problem in their home.

this publication has steadily declined into a full-on pornographic ‘how to’ guide for teens and vulnerable young girls.  every single issue is jam-packed full of filth...including daring girls to try new sex moves, instructions on how to seduce married men, engage in threesomes, encouraging women to take what they want and never apologize, have public sex and watch porn.  you would be hard pressed to find any articles that fall within the parameters God created us for, to love and live.

girls...you are beautiful and perfect the way God made you, you are His masterpiece.  you do NOT need to conform to what the media is trying to pressure you into.  don't listen to the lies of the world.  you are beautiful and precious just the way you are.  you are so much more than the measurement of your bust, waist and hips.  

out for now