intimacy ignited {book review}

Intimacy Ignited: Conversations Couple to Couple
by Dr. Joseph and Linda Dillow and Dr. Peter and Lorraine Pintus

i recently purchased this book when i saw it recommended on a Christian blog.  i thought this book was going to be good but never anticipated it would be one of my favorite books, and one i seriously couldn't put down.  the cover of the book has a heading that says "fire up your sex life with the Song of Solomon", so you could say i had high expectations of it.

this book gives a verse-by-verse exploration of the Song of Solomon and shows that the secret to great sex in marriage begins with a servant heart. to become servant lovers is something the authors are reminding us over and over throughout the entire book. even giving specific traits what servant lovers do compared to what selfish lovers do, and what we can do towards that goal of becoming one.  who would have ever thought that God wants us to have a great sex life in our marriage?     

this book reinforces the wonderful blessing of sex that God has provided for us in the security of marriage and how sex in marriage doesn't need to be boring. in fact, it should remain exciting as it has always been designed to be regardless of the number of years you have been married.

the authors themselves said it, “…we are grateful that our Creator cared so much about sexual oneness in marriage that He included an instruction manual to help is. God wants married couples to have a love so hot, so passionate, so intense that nothing will be able to extinguish it, and He knows the key for such love is becoming servant lovers to each other."

i personally would highly recommend this book to all married couples, regardless of how many years you've been together. i appreciate the Song of Solomon so much more now. it is an absolutely beautiful chapter. and i never thought that the Bible has so much rich insight on sex. the wisdom of the authors were definitely used by God to minister to married couples through this fine book.

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