see your rainbow

in the darkness of the night as the million thoughts circle my mind
the moonlight seeps through the window and glides across my walls
dancing oh so gracefully
so bright but yet i can't quite reach it
i'm stuck in the darkness
trying not to let it swallow me
tears rolling down my cheeks
dripping onto my pillow
fears of unworthiness and mediocrity make it hard to swallow
engulfed in the quiet that is so loud
yet the darkness seems so serene
feeling lost, oh so very lost
i can feel my grip slipping
but yet, at that very moment, you are there to comfort me
directing and calling me to you
cradling me in your arms
stilling the night just for me
quieting the silence
telling me "child, i am here for you"
encouraging me to not ignore my heart
as you take my hand, i follow you
through moments in time that take my breath away
we stand beside the waters edge, watching the surface as still as glass
as the rain starts to fall
the beauty of the surface is marred
and you remind me
just because you can't see the beauty, doesn't mean it isn't there
the rain stops and a beautiful rainbow emerges from the water
the words He spoke next were ever so sweet to my ears
as beautiful as this rainbow is, my child, so are you
you are my daughter
have courage and weather the storm
have faith and lean on me
i will carry you through the rain
until you see your rainbow

out for now