undeserved grace

we've all made a mess of our lives at some point or another.
myself included.
but no matter what poor choices we've made, God welcomes us home with open arms.
that amazes me.
the undeserved grace He gives me.
i know i need it.
but i know i don't deserve it.
it truly is such an awesome gift.
it helps me believe.
it's a light that gives me hope when it seems there is none.
it takes my fears.
it lifts my chin.
it heals me.
it catches me when i fall, again and again.
it holds my hand through my struggles.
it carries me when i can't walk.
it lets me know i don't have to be perfect.
He loves me just as i am.
and He loves you.
don’t wait another day.
today is your day.
you to can be the recipient of God’s undeserved grace!

out for now