weight loss {march}

this month i lost 3 pounds.  not the best BUT it's a loss rather than a gain, so i'll take it.

if i said this past month wasn't a struggle i'd be lying.  my two biggest hurdles have been dealing with fatigue and retaining fluid.  and when i say retaining fluid i mean crazy amounts, like 9 pounds worth.  and i am SO worn out with the fatigue.  i'm not sure if it's still from my surgery (which was just 6 weeks ago) or if it's from not moving for so long.  either way, i'm totally over both things.

i'm at a crossroads right now in my exercise plan.  i think i'm going to just start off walking and then get into a little more strenuous stuff (like the gym or back into zumba).  i know i'm going to have to start off slow and see what my body can handle.  i sure am ready to get back to it.

out for now

ps...sorry for the big hot mess pics...the lighting in here today is horrible