Jesus is my portion

lately i've had one question circling my mind, what does if Jesus is my portion mean?  i love the sound of it and love the feel of it and certainly love to sing it in "His eye is on the sparrow"...but if you're like me, i have to know exactly what something means if i don't understand it.

through research and lots of reading i think i've figured it out...

a portion of food is all one person needs.  so in essence, if Jesus is our portion, He is all we need.  when i look at it that way, then i totally understand it.

with that said, then i can also conclude if Jesus is truly my portion then...

...when i am happy, sad, angry or confused connecting with Jesus is more appealing than overeating
...when i'm faced with a troubling situation i shouldn't worry, i should take that opportunity to pray
...any time i spend with Christ should be because He is good and i love Him, not because i feel i should
...when i am faced with a task that seems impossible, i should work at it with Jesus' help instead of relying on my own strength
...when someone judges me, talks about me, sasses at me or treats me unfairly i shouldn't react with anger but should turn to prayer

out for now