as mothers day approaches and we think of gifts being bestowed on us, let's switch it up and use this opportunity to bless our husbands.  i mean, without them we wouldn't be mothers.  sometimes as life gets in the way, we forget how important it is to show our love just how much they mean to us.  let's use mothers day as a springboard to show your husband a little extra love and remind him (and maybe you) of how thankful you are for him. you can communicate your love in so many ways other than speech and i just bet he would be super excited that you did.  

* tell him the ways you can see him growing to be more like Christ

* speak kindly about him and praise him to others

* wash his truck for him.  although, if he is one of those guys that is psychotic about his vehicle, he might not so much see this as a blessing.  so maybe just buy him an air freshener or better yet, armor-all  :)

* pray for him and maybe as a bonus, write that prayer down on a note and stick it in his lunchbox 

* meet him at the door with a kiss and a smile.  who cares if you gross your kids out, i think kids benefit from seeing their parents be affectionate with each other.

* tell him how proud you are of him, thank him for everything he does for his family, express your loyalty to him and tell him that you will always be his biggest cheerleader

* a racy text message or a little racy entry onto his list for the store. fyi...don't do this if your husband, for some insane reason, will just hand said list to the clerk behind the counter. not only will they get a chuckle at your expense when he says "ummm, we don't sell that here" buuuuuuuut you will never be able to enter that store again. not that i would know or anything. just sayin'.

* write an encouraging verse, sneak out and stick it on his steering wheel so it will be there for him the next morning as he leaves for work

* shave your legs, do your hair, put makeup on and put on that outfit of yours that he just loves

* give him an impromptu backrub 

* bite your lip and don't nag or complain.  i know, this one can be a challenge.  especially for this big-mouthed girl.  but if i can do it, i'm certain anyone of ya'all can do it.

* serve him his plate first at the dinner table

* hold his hand

* initiate great sex...yep, i went there...no sense in sending a racy text or making an embarrassing list if you're not going to follow through with it

* think about what you've don't that has either hurt him or annoyed him.  ask him if you need to.  then apologize and work hard to change that, allowing him to see the change in you.

out for now