if everyone could join me in lifting a sweet little girl up in prayer it would be greatly appreciated. she is my cousin katie's daughter aubree. this sweet little pumpkin is only a year old and is having some serious health issues.

aubree had been experiencing high fevers (as high as 105) and abdominal pain for a couple weeks.  her mama took her to a local ER and also to her doctors, where they both did nothing but send her home.  this past tuesday katie took her to a different ER and aubree was immediately transferred to children hospital in pittsburgh.  

once there, they started running tests and initially thought she had a ruptured appendix.  actually, the first five days at childrens that is what they thought was happening.  they inserted a picc line to give her antibiotics twice a day and were hoping to drain the abscess saturday.  she continued to have fevers and then started experiencing issues with high blood pressure and an elevated heart rate.

saturday they realized her appendix didn't rupture, not sure why they didn't realize that before now. the infection was coming from abscesses inside her intestines. they removed an abscess inside her rectum saturday and yesterday they went further up into her intestines and removed another abscess. after the surgery yesterday they told katie that aubree's kidneys aren't working properly and they will probably need to put her on dialysis. they also moved her to ICU yesterday.

please keep aubree in your prayers. this poor little pumpkin is only 1 year old and has already been through more than most adults can even imagine. and continue to pray for her parents, katie and randy. as a mama her heart is breaking watching her little one like that.

thanks everyone!

**update 5/7/13**  today as they were just going to begin dialysis, aubree began to pee on her own!  so as of today, no dialysis has begun yet.  it's a great step in the right direction!

**update 5/8/13**  today a feeding tube was put into place to see if she could tolerate pedialyte

out for now