this mothers day, to celebrate these two special women in my life i've written a poem.  and yes, just so you know, it's probably going to make you cry.  i cried the entire time i wrote it.  so get a tissue and enjoy  :)  love you both!!

Two strong women impacted my life
From the very start.
God joined these women together,
Placed a common thread between their hearts.

In one so young, He created a life,
A beautiful baby girl.
In the other, He placed a longing in her heart
Weighing it heavily on her soul.

The first, heartbroken and confused but faith strong,
Knew the baby wasn’t hers to raise.
She watched as the baby was taken from her arms,
And knelt down to God in praise.

As tears rolled down her face,
Filled with a void and so many fears.
She knew the choice was Gods will,
And was so wise beyond her years.

The second, so hopeful with faith strong,
Asked God for a baby to love.
When the sweet girl was placed in her arms
She knew it was a gift directly from above.

Her eyes welled with tears,
looking at the new life entrusted to her care.
"I'm going to raise you with lots of love", she said,
"enough that you can share."

There were tears full of sadness
As one young mother’s heart wept.
There were cries of gladness
As one mother’s heart leapt.

Two very different woman,
With a common selfless heart.
Each asking for God’s guidance,
Following it from the start.

These two special women,
They are forever joined heart to heart
By the same awesome God,
That has been there from the start.