hero's disguised as husbands

this lucky girl is married to a hero.

he doesn't wear a cape or leap from buildings. he's an everyday hero in this house. a hard-working, tenderhearted guy. he takes care of his wife and his littles, normally putting their wants/needs before his own. he will completely stop what he is doing to help someone in need. and he follows God.

that right there is the best kind of hero.

i'm not sure he realizes what a complete hero he is to me, to us. it's evident to me daily.

so i'm here to let my hero know a few things...

i need him.
i love knowing my husband will step in and defend me or protect me in a moments notice. he would fight for my honor.  inappropriateness, disrespect, oogling...he'll step in a tend to them all.  

my hero.  sigh.

i lean on him.
i know the world pushes independent women. and they sure aren't fond of women that aren't independent whatsoever. i'm totally capable of being that woman but i'm so thankful to have a man i can rely on. if there's an emergency, i call him. if there's excitement, i call him. you have no idea how many spiders he has killed over the years, which that alone qualifies him as being my hero. he's held me while i sobbed over a loss. he's fixed leaks. he's calmed me down when i called him freaking out.

he is a true hero. loving me quietly.

i'd be lost without him.
i know this sounds a little over-the-top, but it is true. i would be lost without his loving and protecting arms around me. i would be lost without his voice telling me it will all be okay. i would be lost without his body to snuggle me at night.

a great hero.  an everyday hero.

my hero.

out for now