happy birthday princess

how is it possible that this pretty girl is turning 14 today? how is it possible that she will be a freshman next school year? growing much too quickly jadie babe. happy birthday princess!!! the years just seem to fly by, it seems like only yesterday i was holding her in my arms for the first time.

some random facts about my youngest little...
* she has the biggest heart ever, EVER!!!  she has said numerous times growing up makes her sad because she knows it makes US sad.  so tenderhearted.
* she says the absolute funniest, random things without even knowing it. every single day i laugh until my sides hurt from one of her "jade-isms"
* she loves art and self expression...whether it be through clothing, drawing or singing
* she isn't a fan of thunderstorms at ALL
* she can learn the lyrics to a song by hearing it once
* she is an animal FREAK and would bring every.single.stray. home if i would let her. i cannot count the times i've said "jade put the cat down" in the last 14 years.
* sometimes she acts JUST like her mama
* and when she's being naughty, she acts just like her dad :)
* she hates cleaning her room (can. NOT. stress the word hate enough)
* she is one of the only kids i know that just doesn't really care for pizza...i know, right...crazyness
* i'm totally proud to be her mama

out for now

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