prized! {book review}

Your Journey as His Daughter
By Noelle Toscano

about the book:
Prized! Your Journey as His Daughter, is a fresh and inspiring new perspective on how to live for and love God in a dark world. The teenage years bring some of the most difficult experiences that life has to offer. However, it can also be an amazing time of growing spiritually and making decisions to be proud of. Prized! Your Journey as His Daughter, is filled with relatable stories, helpful tips, and the truth of God's Word that will offer inspiration as you navigate the wonderful world of dating, making and maintaining healthy friendships, learning to understand and relate to parents, dealing with superficiality, and realizing your full potential as God's beloved Child. Glorify God. Enjoy Him forever. It starts now.
i have to say, i was skeptical that this would be an easy read for me.  it's advice for teenage girls and i am far from that.  i thought this was going to be one of those books that i struggle through and have to force myself to read.  boy, was i wrong!  who would have ever guessed that i would find so many tidbits of info in it that i could absolutely relate to my life?

i have a favorite section in it that i want to share with you.  those of you that read my blog daily will absolutely understand why this section resonated with me.  the bottom line is this: God has made me who i am.  i grow.  i change.  i regress.  i trip up.  i do well.  i excel.  i fail.  others see it and may pass judgement.  they may love me or hate me.  however they feel about me, good or bad, does not dictate who i am.  i absolutely love love love that.  i love it so much that i read it a few times.

throughout this book, noelle takes the reader back to a memory of her childhood and her teenage years.  wanting to be noticed, important and the center of attention but at the same time wanting to hide in the corner.  she recounts her emotions so successfully that our own gut-wrenching emotional memories begin to surface.  this allows us to place ourselves in our children's place once again, and gives us the opportunity to evaluate the condition of their lives and relationships.

i adored this book and would definitely recommend it to a woman of any age!  this book is definitely one that every parent needs to add to their collections for their daughters. i feel it’s a perfect book for any soon to be teenager to read. and i will be passing it along to my little miss to read.

i received this book free from the publisher through the book review program, which requires an honest, though not necessarily positive, review.  the opinions i have expressed are my own.

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