a glimpse of disappointment

today i was searching the internet for a Bible for miss jade.  she has asked for one for people with dyslexia.  i actually hadn't even thought of this before she asked for one, so i'm totally glad she did  :)

while searching the internet, i came across a forum.  i said it was "landover baptist church" so i clicked on it to read it, thinking it might really have some good insight.  what i found once i got there infuriated me.

it's from a man called "brother alex" who is listed as a "True Christian Creation Cosmologist".  i had to read his title a few times, because i kept reading it as cosmetologist.  which kinda makes me giggle at this point.  i could not figure out what cosmetologist had to do with a church.  anyways, i've not a single clue what that title even means except some crazy title he created for himself.  anyways, here was his point of view on dyslexia.

Over the past years, thousands of people have been diagnosed with a learning disability called "dyslexia". "Dyslexia" supposedly makes people totally retarded when it comes to reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and mentally retarded in general.
The term "dyslexia" was invented by the German doctor Rudolf Berlin in 1887. Since then this "retardation" has become a fashion amongst people, especially young students. As a matter of fact "dyslexia" was not known to mankind before Berlin's invention of the term in 1887. Why was this phenomena not known to the ancients? There is not one spelling error within the pages of the Holy Bible KJV1611 which means that "dyslexia" cannot be a part of God's creation.
True Christian™ Scientific studies have shown that there really is no such thing as "dyslexia" and the term has mostly been used by young students as an excuse for being lazy. There is nothing that proves that people can't learn proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Nothing at all!
This whole "dyslexia" thing is just yet another lie created by scientists in order to turn our children away from the Word of God. They know that if they brainwash our children and make them believe that they can't read, they will not be able to read the Holy Scriptures. As we all know, not reading the Bible will only result in barbarism and anarchism. Our children will become lazy and disrespectful to their elders, they might even end up rebelling against- and murdering their families. The Bible forbids laziness and our children should not be allowed to get away with such behavior.
Dyslexia, ADHD, as well as other learning disabilities are just myths. If your child is suffering from such "disabilities" it is because the wrong teaching methods are being used. To keep a child on the right track when it comes to Bible studies, do not spare the rod.
Proverbs 13:24: He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.
Brother Alex
are you as absolutely saddened by this as i was?  not only does he use the word "retarded" numerous times, which is unacceptable completely, but he also says dyslexia is a myth and a lie.  so my daughter transposing letters in kindergarten was a figment of her imagination?  or perhaps a scientist snuck into my house and brainwashed her when i wasn't looking.

what upset me the absolute most about this was when he said do not spare the rod.  as if spanking my child will cure her dyslexia?  it breaks my heart to think of how many people in this mans "church" have taken his advice.  how many children with learning disabilities have been spanked because their disability is a "myth".  breaks my heart.

AND it makes me sad that this man might be the only glimpse some people get of God...this legalistic, skewed view.   they won't see a God with outstretched arms, waiting to comfort us with His grace.  they won't see a God with such overflowing love for us that He sent His son.  they won't see a God that loaned us our littles so we could love on them, always.  and that breaks this mama's heart.

out for now